The Eighth Annual of the Year’s Best SF. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1963

UK edition!

Gerald Kersh. The Unsafe Deposit Box.
R.A. Lafferty. Seven-Day Terror.
Harry Harrison. The Toy Shop.
Jack Finney. The Face in the Photo.
R.C. Fitzpatrick. The Circuit Riders.
John Brunner. Such Stuff.
Fritz Leiber. The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity.
Poul Anderson. Kings WHo Die.
Vance Aandahl. The Unfortunate Mr. Morky.
James White. Christmas Treason.
Ray Bradbury. A Miracle of Rare Device.
Harlan Ellison. ALl the Sounds of Fear.
William F. Nolan. One of Those Days.
Arnold M. Auerbach. The Day Rembrandt Went Public.
Russell Baker. Ms. Found in a Bus.
J.G. Ballard. The Insane One.
William Sambrot. Leprechaun.
George Whitley. Change of Heart.
Brian Cleve. Angela’s Satyr.
Fredric Brown. Puppet Show.
Mark Clifton. Hang Head, Vandal!
Mack Reynolds. Earthlings Go Home!
Frederik Pohl. The Martian Star-Gazers.
Bertrand Russell. Planetary Effulgence.
Edward Wellen. Deadly Game.
Zenna Henderson. Subcommittee.
Karen Anderson. The Piebald Hippogriff.
Gordon R. Dickson. Home from the Shore.

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