The Best Science Fiction Stories 1952 ed Everett F. Bleiler and T.E. Dikty. Frederic Fell Inc, 1952

Just (Oct 2021) replaced my UK (reduced number of stories) edition The Best Science Fiction Stories : Third Series, with the original US edition. And now (April 2022) I’m starting to read it.

Walter Kubilius. The Other Side.
Originally in Super Science Stories.

Young Jim Carringon seems to be like every other teenage boy in a small town in America. However, his town is surrounded by a dome, to protect them all from the outside. At least that’s what everybody says – young Jim has a feeling that something is not quite right. Regular visits from the one doctor in town to check up on him also don’t add up – why is he getting this special treatment? And what does everything he wants to happen actually happen?? (Spoiler : he’s the last human in an alien zoo exhibit!) Nice enough as far as it goes and very much of it’s type. [29th April 2022]

Alfred Bester. Of Time and Third Avenue.
C. M. Kornbluth. The Marching Morons.
Betsy Curtis. A Peculair People.
David Grinnell. Extending the Holdings.
Wilson Tucker. The Tourist Trade.
William F. Temple. The Two Shadows.
John Christopher. Balance.
Idris Seabright. Brightness Falls from the Air.
Richard Matheson. Witch War,
Peter Phillips. At No Extra Cost.
Anthony Boucher. Nine-Finger Jack.
Fritz Leiber. Appointment in Tomorrow.
Arthur Porges. The Rats.
Jack Vance. Men of the Ten Books.
William Tenn. Generation of Noah.
Mack Reynolds and Fredric Brown. Dark Interlude.
Ray Bradbury. The Pedestrian.

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