The Best Science Fiction Stories 1951 ed Everett F. Bleiler and T.E. Dikty. Frederic Fell Inc, 1951

I did have the UK edition, but have just spent a little bit of cash on the US edition (signed by Dikty!)…


Frank M. Robinson. The Santa Claus Planet.

Reginald Bretnor. The Gnurrs Come from the Voodvork Out.

Cyril Kornbluth. The Mindworm.

Bill Brown. The Star Ducks.

Roger Flint Young. Not to be Opened.

A.E. van Vogt. Process.

William F. Temple. Forget-Me-Not.

Katherine MacLean. Contagion.

Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson. Trespass!

Alfred Bester. Oddy and Id.

Damon Knight. To Serve Man.

L. Sprague de Camp. Summer Wear.

Richard Matheson. Born of Man and Woman.

Ray Bradbury. The Fox in the Forest.

Fredric Brown. The Last Martian.

Charles L. Harness. The New Reality.

Frank Belknap Long. Two Face.

Fritz Leiber. Coming Attraction.


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