The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 4 (ed Neil Clarke, Nightshade Books 2019)

With no more Dozois anthologies, this is the only pure SF annual best volume this year (I think there’s a new title appearing in 2020).

So I’ll slowly work my way through the volume, reviewing stories and putting summaries of those reviews below, with links to the fuller reviews. In a homage to the recently departed Dozois, Clarke provides a mini-summation of the type that Dozois so diligently supplied in his long-running series.

Simone Heller. When We Were Starless.
Originally published online on Clarkesworld Magazine, and still online there.

Clarke opens the anthology with a strong story from his own publication. In my review I noted “Heller is an author new to me, but a name I would be looking out for now if I was still in the habit of reading a lot of short SF in it’s original appearance.” Read the Full Best SF Review here.

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