The 1974 Annual World’s Best SF. edited by Donald A. Wollheim. DAW, 1974

Robert Sheckley. A Suppliant in Space.

R.A. Lafferty. Parthen.
Aliens land and inform the earth that one half of the population is redundant, and the other will be enslaved. But Roy Ronsard (and all his mates) don’t worry too much about it – never had the girls been so pretty.

Frederik Pohl and Jack Williamson. Doomship.

Norman Spinrad. Weed of Time.

Vadim Shefner. A Modest Genius.

Harlan Ellison. The Deathbird.

E.C. Tubb Evane.

Gordon Eklund. Moby, Too.

Michael Bishop. Death and Designation Among the Asadi.

Clifford D. Simak. Construction Shack.

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