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The Seventh Annual of the Year’s Best SF. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1962

Stories by : Conrad Aiken, Kaatje Hurlbut, George P. Elliott, Robert Beverly Hale, David Rome, Julian F. Grow, R. Bretnor, Muriel Spark, George Bamber, Robert F. Young, Fredric Brown, Jule Feiffer, John Dos Passos, Ward Moore, Leo Szillard, J.F. Bone, Mack Reynolds, Lawrence Durrell, Frederik Pohl & C.M. Kornbluth. (Contents only.)

The Sixth Annual of the Year’s Best SF. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1961

Stories by : Holley Cantine, Bernard Wolfe, Ward Moore, R.C. Phelan, Felicia Lamport, Michael Ffolkes, Arthur C. Clarke, Leonard Lockhard, Shel Silverstein, John Brunner, Roger Price, Henry Slesar, Lester del Rey, Howard Fast, Christopher Anvil, Elizabeth Emmett, Isaac Asimov, Marshall King, William Sambrot, Frederic Brown, R. Bretnor, Rosel George Brown, Walt Kelly, Zenna Henderson, Joseph Whitehill, Ray Bradbury, Hilbert Schenck Jr., Dean McLaughlin, Kingsley Amis, Richard McKenna, Brian W. Aldiss. (Contents only).

Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction Sixth Series. Adam Boucher (ed) 1957

This little beauty beckoned at me from the shelves of a second-hand bookshop in Colchester recently. How could I resist a cover like that! And a book that showed no signs of having been read. Fantasy and Science Fiction published annual collections for almost 25 years, since when they have published collections every 3-5 years. […]