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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2005

Albert E. Cowdrey. The Amulet. In which a young journalist (in New Orleans, natch) meets a lady with an amulet which she says bestows longevity on the owner, provider you follow the rules. She relates the histories of some of those whom have owned said amulet, and how it changed her life. A gently amusing […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction, July 2002

Albert E. Cowdrey. The Posthumous Man. Cowdrey takes us once again to New Orleans. Wentworth is an antiques dealer, specialising in Funerary Arts. An old tombstone behind which is a murderous tale comes his way, bringing bad fortune to him. Benjamin Rosenbaum. Droplet. A far-future postmodern couple in deep space come across an ancient planet […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction December 2001

Raven Dream. Robert Reed. ‘An intriguing story that promises to be the start of a series’ according to the editorial intro., and that pretty much sums it up. Reed slowly reveals just enough juicy snippets of information to keep the reader interested. A small, tight-knit community of woods-dwelling humans/elves/creatures forage from the ‘big people, who […]