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Interzone, Number 154, April 2000

Lord Soho, Richard Calder. A rich, entertaining story, a far distant sequel to the author’s Malignos story which appeared previously in Interzone, and which has been expanded into a novel by the same name. (note: a further sequela to this current story, appears in Interzone #159, September 2000) Richard Pike attains his majority, inheriting the […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction, October/November 2002

Charles Coleman Finlay. A Democracy of Trolls. Not an obvious collective noun for the rock-dwelling sun-hating trolls in this story. Despite their base manners (eating rotten meat as a preference) and limited intelligence, democracy by means of voting is a key means of decision making within tribes. A mother whose recently born child has died […]

Asimovs, January 2008

Rudy Rucker and Marc Laidlaw. The Perfect Wave. Rucker has collaborated in Asimovs recently with Bruce Sterling, with ‘Hormiga Canyon’ in Aug 2007 featuring a pair of dudes heading into uncharted nano-territory in the desert. Here Rucker and Laidlaw serve up some surfpunk SF, in which a VR-surfing facility out back of Cheezemore Ratt’s Surf […]