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Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, May 2004

James Gunn. Elixir. A sequel to ‘New Blood’ from Astounding, October 1955. Yup, 1955. Dr. Russell Pearce has been researching an elixir vitae for some 50 years (I’m presuming he appeared in the earlier story). He is doing this in the knowledge that there are those amongst us who live exceptionally long lives, but knowledge […]

World’s Best Science Fiction : 1970. Donald Wollheim/Terry Carr (eds), 1970

Stories by : Richard Wilson, Robert Silverberg, Larry Niven, Alexei Panshin, Suzette Haden Elgin, James Tiptree Jr., Keith Roberts, Michael G Coney, Harlan Ellison, Bruce McAllister, Fritz Leiber, Ursula K Le Guin, Norman Spinrad. (Content listing only)