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Steven Popkes. The Crocodiles. (F&SF May/June 2010)

A story about which I’m quite ambivalent. It’s told by a German scientist in the Second World War who has been transferred to a concentration camp to assist in research on creating ‘tote Manner’ – zombies. A virus has been found that causes death, followed by reanimation with a desire to kill. Surely such a […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 2008

James L. Cambias. Balancing Accounts. A strong SF story to open the issue, and one with an interesting POV character – an AI shuttling salvage and cargo amongst the asteroid belt. With very few humans this far outof the system, most of the trading and dealing is AI to AI. ‘Annie’, autonomous and incentivised, has […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, July 2007

R. Garcia y Robertson. Kansas, She Says, Is the Name of the Star. Garcia y Robertson has provided primarily F for F&SF of late through his Markovy series, and, huzzah huzzah, here he provides some SF – and how! Co-incidentally I’ve not long finished reading Geoff Ryman’s early 90s novel ‘Was’ , which features a […]