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Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, November 2006

Barry B. Longyear. The Good Kill. The first, it would appear, of a series of Jaggers and Shad SF mysteries. It’s a sort of low-rent version of Michael Swanwick’s Darger and Surplus stories. Obviously humour is the most personal of tastes, and I’m not particularly fond of cod-Britishness, which Longyear employs heavily (and I mean […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, July/August 2006

Reviewed : MobiPocket version on a Tapwave Zodiac. Alexis Glynn Latner. Witherspin. A somewhat contrived adventure in which an enhanced male, with a criminal record, and his female companion have to escape the clutches of various cod-fantasy types after them (trolls, crusaders, sabre toothed tigers), in an orbiting habitat which features several different climatic zones. […]