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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, August 2008

Marc Laidlaw. Childrun. Wandering bard Gorlen Vizenfirthe makes a re-appearance in F&SF after a ten year absence, no doubt good news for those who delight in cod-mediaeval bardery, with a heigh-ho nonny no. In entering a village he bespies the sign identifying the name of the village (in the title) and ponders the reason for […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2008

Alexander Jablokov. The Boarder. Another in the ‘historical space race’ faction milieu, as a Russian boarder in the family home who previously worked on the Soviet space program gives another perspective on the period increasingly seen as the halcyon days by certain generations of SF writer. A good read, and gives as good an impression […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2005

David Gerrold. A Quantum Bit Exists in Two States Simultaneously : On This issue is book-ended by two shorts from Gerrold. In the first the protagonist has a conversation at a diner with Pope Daniel the First of The Church of the Chocolate Bunny, who challenges him to consider the nature of sainthood and whether […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2004

Mark W. Tiedemann. Rain from Another Country. Even after her death, Ann Myref is trying to seek closure on her broken relationship with Will. Travelling off-Earth, something she was simply too afraid to do whilst alive, is perversely less of a problem as she has arranged for a temporary upload of herself to travel to […]

Asimovs, July 2005

PDF version reviewed. Daniel Grotta. RAW. A professional photographer, courtesy of some hi-tech kit and a run in with a bolt of lightning, finds that he can communicate, via the digital camera, with an alternate dimension. Not only that, but he is able to communicate with his long-dead sister, who in this other reality is […]