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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 2004

Matthew Hughes. A Little Learning. Hughes posits a novel method for transiting multiverses – the use of chanting. Bandar is a novice of the Institute of Historical Inquiry, wending his way, unseen, through historical incidents, in an attempt to win a bursary at the Institute. However, his best-laid plains are thrown into dangerous confusion as […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 2004

James L. Cambia. Ocean of the Blind. A very Analog type of story. A team of scientists is studying alien life under the seas of a distant planet. The team is led by a universally unpopular chief scientist who has arranged for a special ‘stealth suit’ to be shipped to him that will enable him […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction January 2001

The Measure of All Things. Richard Chedwyk. Tom Groverton runs an animal rescue centre – with a difference. Instead of abandoned or mistreated cats or dogs, his charges are intelligent bio-toy dinosaurs. Created and genetically tweaked to be small and cute, with a short life-span and limited intelligence, the dinosaurs turned out small, but they […]

Year’s Best SF 10. David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer. Eos, 2005.

Stories by : Bradley Denton, Brenda Cooper, Charles Coleman Finlay, Gene Wolfe., Glenn Grant, Gregory Benford, Jack McDevitt, James Patrick Kelly, James Stoddard, James. L. Cambias, Janeen Webb, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Ken Liu, Liz Williams, matthew hughes, Neal Asher, Pamela Sargent, Ray Vukcevich, Robert Reed, Sean McMullen, Steve Tomasula, Steven Utley, Terry Bisson.