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Best SF: 1969. edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss. 1970

Stories by : Algis Budrys, Anthony Burgess, Brian W. Aldiss, Bruce McAllister, Frederik Pohl, J.G. Ballard, James Tiptree, John Hartridge, Joseph Wesley, Jr, Ken W. Purdy, P. g. Wyal, Paul Ehrlich, Philip K. Dick, Ursula K. Le Guin.

Best Science Fiction of the Year 10. Terry Carr, Timescape 1981

Stories by : Barry Malzberg, Bob Leman, Clifford D Simak, F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, George R. R. Martin, Howard Waldrop, James Tiptree Jr, John Varley, Michael Swanwick, Philip K. Dick, Suzy McKee Charnas, Zenna Henderson.

Best Science Fiction of the Year 9. ed Terry Carr. 1980

Stories by : Alfred Bester, George R. R. Martin, Gregory Benford, Melisa Michaels, David Lake, Dean Ing, Philip K. Dick, John Varley, James P. Girard, Vonda N. McIntyre, John Morressy, Rick Gauger, Tanith Lee, George Turner.

Nebula Award Stories 2 – edited by Brian Aldiss and Harry Harrison. 1967

Eleven uniformly excellent stories, covering most topics you might expect to see : time travel, far future, virtual reality, New Wave, and fantasy. What is perhaps of note is the lack of ‘hard SF’, and the extent to which so many of the stories are fundamentally about humanity, about people.

The Ultimate Cyberpunk edited by Pat Cadigan, (ibooks, 2002)

But, all in all, a bit of a curate’s egg. The early stories, and the final story, don’t quite fit IMHO. And with the lack of a ‘real’ introduction, and story intros, the extra size that this volume offers over ‘Mirrorshades’ hasn’t really be used to the full. A missed opportunity.