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Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, July 2002

Paul McAuley. The Assassination of Faustino Malartre. I’ve only just read ‘Making History’, published two years ago by PS Publishing, a prequel to other stories in his ‘Quiet War’ sequence, of which the story in hand is also part, and which helped the enjoyment of this story. This is a tauter story, describing the final […]

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 20th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. St. Martins Griffin, 2003

Stories by : Alastair Reynolds, Alex Irvine, Bruce Sterling, Charles Coleman Finlay, Charles Stross, Chris Beckett, Eleanor Arnason, Geoff Ryman, Greg Egan, Gregory Benford, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, James Van Pelt, John Kessel, John Meaney, Kage Baker, Maureen F. McHugh, Michael Swanwick, Molly Gloss, Nancy Kress, Paul McAuley, Richard Wadholm, Robert Reed, Steven Popkes, Walter Jon Williams

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 8th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1991

Stories by : Alexander Jablokov, Bruce Sterling, Charles Sheffield, Connie Willis, Greg Egan, Ian McDonald, Ian R. Macleod, James Patrick Kelly, Joe Haldeman, John Brunner, John Kessel, Jonathan Lethem, Kate Wilhelm, Lewis Shiner, Lucius Shepard, Michael Moorcock, Molly Gloss, Mr. Skunk, Nancy Kress, Pat Murphy, Robert Frazier, Robert Silverberg, Ted Chiang, Terry Bisson, Ursula K. Le Guin.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Second Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1985

Bruce Sterling, Connie Willis, Elizabeth A. Lynn, Frederik Pohl, Gene Wolfe., Jack Dann, Jack McDevitt, James Patrick Kelly and John Kessel, John Varley, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lewis Shiner, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick, Molly Gloss, Nancy Kress, Octavia E. Butler, Pat Cadigan, R.A. Lafferty, Rena Yount, Richard Cowper, Robert Silverberg, Tanith Lee, Ursula K. Le Guin, William Gibson

Nebula Awards Showcase 2005 – edited by Jack Dann, Roc, March 2005

Jack Dann picks up the editorial reins from Vonda N. McIntyre in the Nebula Awards Showcase series. There’s a lot of high quality fiction in this volume, and the only real beef is that the stories are from 2002, which means that in a number of cases you are reading stories which appeared in the Year’s Best anthologies two years ago.