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Interzone Number 179 May 2002

Molly Brown. The Hamlet AI Murders. A rather missed opportunity. A subtle tale of a murdered brother returning from the grave via an uploaded AI could have been wrought, with clever pointers to Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ throughout. Instead Molly Brown simply goes for an updating, complete with character names, plot ‘twists’ and so forth from the […]

The Ant-Men of Tibet and other stories. Edited by David Pringle. Big Engine, 2001.

The Ant-Men of Tibet. Stephen Baxter Originally in Interzone #95, May 1995. Baxter pays a classy tribute to HG Wells’ ‘The First Men in the Moon’. He has done this previously – with the novel ‘The Time Ships’, which was a sequel to ‘The Time Machine’, and the short story ‘The Columbiad’. In this story […]