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Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, November 2004

Rajnar Vajra. The Ghost within. Give Analog regular Vajra his due, he’s quite happy to turn his hand to a wide variety of styles and topics. Here he provides a story which blends a hard-bitten wise-cracking detective with a vr bent. His protagonist is called in to verify the authenticity of an uploaded intelligence. Sadly […]

Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2002

Dave Creek. Splendor’s Truth. A third ‘Splendor’ story, following two published in Analog during 2000, neither of which I have read. Earth Unity Ambassador Chanda Kasmira faces a tricky situation when she is re-united with Sobrerian commander Domerlan, with whom she has had a run-in before. This time the belligerant Domerlan, whose race are sufficiently […]