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Interzone Number 185 January 2003

Paul Di Filippo. Bare Market. A Charles Stross story from early 2000 (‘Bear Trap’) had a punning conclusion to a far-future information commodity trader yarn. Here di Filippo has a nearer future scenario, in which the world’s financial and information markets are managed by an intriguing and delectable babe. (No surprises there, PDF!) The babe […]

Interzone Number 182 September 2002

Christopher Evans. Posterity. A somewhat downbeat, peculiarly British take on time-travelling (not unlike last month’s story about an alien visitor to Earth, who finds his release into the wider community is somewhat low-key). Here, Rupert, going through a mid-life crisis, runs a ‘greasy spoon’ cafeteria in central London, which is a front for a hotel […]

Interzone Number 181 August 2002

Mat Coward. Time Spent in Reconnaissance. A very peculiarly British take on Roswell visitors. Having been held in utmost secrecy for decades, the aliens are being quietly released into society. A short, balding ‘Mr. Easter’ is freed to integrate into a society where people whilst they have little belief, similarly have little disbelief. Initially Eastern […]

Interzone Number 169, July 2001

Isabel of the Fall. Ian R. MacLeod. MacLeod has put together ten years’ worth of excellent short SF, many stories of which have rightly been selected to appear in a variety of Years Best collections. Favourites of mine from the past five years include ‘Starship Day’ (Asimovs, and subsequently Dozois’ 13th Annual Collection), ‘Nevermore’ (in […]