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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November 2009

Elizabeth Hand. The Far Shore. A middle-aged man, ballet dancer initially, ballet teacher after an injury, loses his job but gets a timely invitation from friends to house-sit their remote property whilst they take a winter break. As the snow settles in (shades of The Shining, namechecked in the story) Philip, with recurrent nightmares of […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction, October/November 2002

Charles Coleman Finlay. A Democracy of Trolls. Not an obvious collective noun for the rock-dwelling sun-hating trolls in this story. Despite their base manners (eating rotten meat as a preference) and limited intelligence, democracy by means of voting is a key means of decision making within tribes. A mother whose recently born child has died […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction March 2001

Eternity. Lucius Shepard. A lengthy feature novella as part of a special Lucius Shepard issue. Katherine Dunn provides an introductory biography and the story is followed by a bibliography. Eternity is a dense, powerful story set in near-contempory Moscow. Viktor Chemayev enters the eponymous nightclub, within grasp of his chance to flee the city and […]

Asimovs, October/November 2003

Walter Jon Williams. The Green Leopard Plague. A very skilfully crafted short story. Set in the same future as his well-received ‘Lethe’, this is of an equally high standard. Williams intertwines two, or in fact three stories, tying them together in a powerful ending. We start in the warm waters of the Philippine sea – […]