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Analog, May 2007

Courtesy of a plane journey, and a lengthy delay on a train, initially caused by a lineside fire, and then a ‘suicidal person on the platform’ (presumably made so by yet another delay), a lot more reading has been done over the past few days. Lee Goodloe. Damnded If You Do… Whilst off-piste skiing, Chad […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, Jan/Feb 2006

mobipocket version reviewed Karl Schroeder. Sun of Suns, Part III. Third installment of a novel serialisation. John Barnes. ‘The Night is Fine, the Walrus Said’. Follows on from ‘The Diversification of Its Fancy’ from the last-but-one issue of Analog (Nov 2005), and equally heavy going. Overmuch dialogue, clunky action, and just generally Average SF as […]