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Analog, July/August 2008

David R. Palmer. Tracking. Part I. Novel serialisation. Carl Frederick. The Exoanthropic Principle. Having provided a science fact article on the anthropic principle, Analog regular Frederick segues into scientist fiction covering similar themes, as a group of scientists in their little lab gain an insight into the bigger picture of which our universe is part, […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, April 2005

Jack Williamson. The Stonehenge Gate. Third and final instalment of a novel serialisation. Kyle Kirkland. Company Secrets. Merv Dunn, Inc, is an infomeister in a particularly unappealing near future, in which those in the private sector are fully incorporated, and look down on the ‘sheep’ who work for a living – particularly those working for […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, January/February 2004

Both Analog and Asimov’s announced during 2003 that they would be publishing one issue less per year : moving to two double-month issues, and eight single-month issues. This is the first of the two double-month issues of the year, to complement the July/August double issue. Ramona Louise Wheeler. Inherit the Vortex. Further adventures of Ray […]