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Kij Johnson. Ponies. (Nebula Awards Showcase 2012)

Joint Winner of the Nebula Award, Best Short Story. Originally published on Tor.com and still available, and so, as it’s only a few pages long – click here to read it. If you though Alex and his mid-teen droogs were scary, the pre-teen girls in this story will unsettle you as well. It’s a short […]

Rich Horton. The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2009.

A late arrival on my doorstep, and it’s taken much longer to finish the review than I had hoped. Note to self : faster dude, faster!

Jonathan Strahan. The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year. Volume 3.

A collection of excellent stories.

Asimovs, July 2008

Gord Sellar. Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moon’s Blues. With this title and an opening line ‘His first night back on Earth after his gig on the Frogships, Bird showed up at Minton’s cleaner than a broke-dick dog, with a brand new horn and a head full of crazy-people music’, Sellar quickly sets the tone […]