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Asimovs, October/November 2004

Charles Stross. Survivor. The penultimate Accelerando series, in which Manfred Mancx finally makes a corporeal return, and those who have kept that status and stayed at home find out about the true nature of Meiko the cat, and themselves (Manfred and Pamela’s breakup somewhat more complex than they had though), and they appear set to […]

Asimovs, October/November 2003

Walter Jon Williams. The Green Leopard Plague. A very skilfully crafted short story. Set in the same future as his well-received ‘Lethe’, this is of an equally high standard. Williams intertwines two, or in fact three stories, tying them together in a powerful ending. We start in the warm waters of the Philippine sea – […]

Asimovs, July 2003

John Kessel. Under the Lunchbox Tree. The third story in the Lunar Society of Cousins setting, which, we are told, Kessel hopes to see together in a book – whether as short-stories or a fix-up isn’t stated. The setting is a matriarchal moon, in which men are reduced to little more than sex objects. My […]