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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, September 2007

Dangnabbit, GvG has put the Ted Chiang story last of all. Can I resist a peek whilst I make my way through the other stories? Alexander Jablokov. Wrong Number. A more contemporary tale than you normally get from Jablokov, who can do hard SF of the highest drawer. Here there is an urban contemporary setting, […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 2002

Robert Reed. The Majesty of Angels. Occasionally, very occasionally, you come across an SF short story that stands out ‘head and shoulders’ above others. This is one such. Reed is at his best here, in giving the reader just enough, and no more. The narrator is one of an alien race, whose job it is […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction August 2001

One Last Game. Robert Reed. Another story from Reed, who has taken over the baton from Robert Silverberg as probably the most prolific quality writer of short SF. But imagine how much more SF he could have written if he hadn’t wasted so much time on the unnecessary novelisation of the excellent novella Marrow! And, […]