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Analog, December 2008

David Bartell. Misquoting the Star. A followup to ‘Misquoting the Moon’ (March 2007) in which one Hendrik Isaacs got a coveted place on a shuttle to the moon colony, thus being one of the select few to avoid the planet-killer asteroid imminently due to impact on Earth. The main protagonist in this story is the […]

Analog, July/August 2007

Michael F. Flynn. Quaestiones Super Caelo Et Mundo. A lengthy offering from Flynn, providing a fictional angle on scientific enlightenment in medieval times – historical fiction about science, as opposed to science fiction. The story is followed up by a Science Fact piece which delves into the same territory. Richard A. Lovett. The Last of […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, July/August 2006

Reviewed : MobiPocket version on a Tapwave Zodiac. Alexis Glynn Latner. Witherspin. A somewhat contrived adventure in which an enhanced male, with a criminal record, and his female companion have to escape the clutches of various cod-fantasy types after them (trolls, crusaders, sabre toothed tigers), in an orbiting habitat which features several different climatic zones. […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, October 2005

eBookman version reviewed Amy Bechtel. Language Lessons. It’s some sixteen years since the cutesy creatures featured in this story first appeared (‘Little Monsters’ Analog, Nov 1989). Seven stories on and it’s getting just a little thin IMHO. I read the last one, notable for one of the worst covers in recent Analog history (if you […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, July/August 2005

Bud Sparhawk. Chandra’s Pup. I got a few pages into this story, and then did a check on previous stories I had read by Sparhawk. Some had impressed me, but I found that I had said of the predecessor story to this one, ‘Clay’s Pride’ (Analog Jul/Aug 2004), again, after managing only a few pages […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, May 2005

Shane Tourtellotte. Footsteps. A lunar variation on the Locked Room Murder Mystery – except that the dead body is on the moon’s surface, quite some distance from the nearest building – the body is not wearing a spacesuit, and there are only his footsteps in the regolith. So how did he get there? Grey Rollins. […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, December 2004

Kenneth Brady. Baby on Board. Editor Standey Schmidt has been beefing about SUVs in his editorials of late, so it was probably a heads-up play by Brady in submitting a story about them. Alan, an eco-warrior, objecting to the use of these gasguzzlers, takes pride in stealing, or rather, borrowing such vehicles, and giving them […]