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Asimovs, June 2008

Nancy Kress. Call Back Yesterday. Ahh, a copy of Asimovs which opens with a Nancy Kress story … now that’s what I call a science fiction magazine As (almost) ever, Kress furnishes the goods. The setup is immediate, with a short, intriguing opening sentence ‘This morning the bathroom mirror shows only a lone person – […]

Asimovs, June 2004

Nancy Kress. My Mother Dancing. Originally published in 2000 in ‘Destination 3001’, published by Flammarion. A short piece in which far-future post-humans have been seeding the otherwise barren galaxy. The non-gender-specific crew are thrown into confusion when the well-established answer to Fermi’s Paradox (there isn’t anything/anybody out there) is challenged by data from a colony […]