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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December 2009

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction finishes 2009 with an issue of their now standard bi-monthly size, but dated for a single month to enable a clean start in 2010 with a Jan/Feb issue. Alex Irvine. Dragon’s Teeth. Irvine’s ‘Wizard Six’ in F&SF June 2007 was a strong and dark fantasy story. In a […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 2005

Paul Di Filippo. The Secret Sutras of Sally Strumpet. Similar in style to PDF’s humourous “The Short Ashy Afterlife of Hiram P. Dottle” from F&SF May 2002, so if you read that and enjoyed it, you’ll like this. A struggling author has hit upon a rich seam – however, he has mined that seam in […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2003

Ellen Klages. Basement Magic. A tale of a young child with a wicked (well, not very nice) step-mother. Somewhat redolent of Roald Dahl – a melange of George’s Marvellous Medicine, and The Witches, with the young girl using good ol’ fashioned simple magic, with the help of the latest in a long line of nannies. […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction, August 2002

M. Rickert. Leda. In this, the first in a series of ‘contemporary retellings of classical Greek myths’, the relationship between the swan and the human woman, Leda, is not consensual. She and her partner struggle with the aftermath of the sexual assault (the story is taken forward through several viewpoints). Can she truly be pregnant […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction February 2001

From A to Z, in the Sarsaparilla Alphabet. Harlan Ellison. A feature novella, acquired some 10 years ago. Novella is a misnomer, as this is an ‘abecedarian’ – that is a series of theme-related (mythological beasts and deities) but storywise unrelated vignettes in A to Z order – one vignette per letter of the alphabet […]