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The 1972 Annual World’s Best SF. edited by Donald A. Wollheim. DAW, 1972

The Fourth Profession. Larry Niven. Quark/4. Aliens, known as The Monks due to their habits (the ones they wear, as opposed to living a life of poverty and prayer) arrive in the USA. One Monk turns up in Frazer’s bar and during the course of some serious drinking, offers him what would appear to be […]

World’s Best Science Fiction : 1968. Donald Wollheim/Terry Carr (eds), 1968

Stories by Richard Wilson, Samuel R Delany, Colin Kapp, R A Lafferty, Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, Thomas M Disch, Rogert Zelazny, Andrew J. Offutt, Harlan Ellison, Ron Goulart, Keith Roberts, R A Lafferty, Larry Niven, Brian W Aldiss, D G Compton.

The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction: the Fiftieth Anniversary Anthology. Edward L. Ferman and Gordon van Gelder (eds). Tor 1999.

F&SF have been producing anthologies since 1952 – annual anthologies for the first quarter century, and every two or three years since then. Rather than being a 50-year retrospective, this volume collects the best stories published in F&SF between 1994 and 1998 (since the 45th anniversary anthology). Not having been a reader of F&SF during […]