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Year’s Best SF 15. (eds Hartwell/Cramer, Eos Books, 2010).

As ever, a strong collection of stories, albeit fairly ‘safe’ in terms of a relatively narrow range of sources.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May 2006

Matthew Hughes. A Herd of Opportunity. Another tale of Guth Bandar, this one evidently from his early days, which will doubtless please those who like these whimsical tales. For me regular stories in the same setting go against my reason for reading short SF (ie different stories and characters) and as it’s not Science Fiction […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November 2004

Lisa Goldstein. Finding Beauty. Fairy Tale which looks at the Sleeping Beauty story from Prince Charming’s perspective, with the added twist that the beauty which he revives is not in the first flush of her youth, and is mightily unimpressed to be resurrected as an aged crone. But Charming is an honourable chap.. Fine if […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November 2003

Judith Moffett. The Bear’s Baby. Moffett has written a couple of novels featuring the Hefn, an alien race who are benignly running the Earth. Here, in the remote American wilderness, a scientist studying bears in the wild is piqued to be re-located to study elsewhere. Such is his strength of feeling that he risks all […]