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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, February 2006

Gary W. Shockley. The Cathedral of Universal Biodiversity. One of those stories where either I’m missing something, or the story is. The plot : four centuries hence a man who has given up the pleasures of the flesh (and being multi-testiculated that is a big loss) to ponder the Fermi Paradox. Or rather, to create […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March 2005

Albert E. Cowdrey. The Amulet. In which a young journalist (in New Orleans, natch) meets a lady with an amulet which she says bestows longevity on the owner, provider you follow the rules. She relates the histories of some of those whom have owned said amulet, and how it changed her life. A gently amusing […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, April 2003

I read this some weeks ago, but managed to mislay the copy before writing the review. The magazine finally resurfaced from down the back of my comfy armchair in the living room! So this review is mostly from recollection, which may mean I miss one or two salient points. Mark W. Tiedemann. Scabbing. A nearish […]