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Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, May 2005

Shane Tourtellotte. Footsteps. A lunar variation on the Locked Room Murder Mystery – except that the dead body is on the moon’s surface, quite some distance from the nearest building – the body is not wearing a spacesuit, and there are only his footsteps in the regolith. So how did he get there? Grey Rollins. […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, March 2005

Jack Williamson. The Stonehenge Gate. Second instalment of a novel serialisation. Shane Tourtellotte. Acts of Conscience. In ‘A New Man’ (Oct 2003), to which this is a followup, Tourtellotte explored issues of rehabilitation of criminals through the use of mind wipes/overlays. Here he looks at other ethical issues with the technique, as Dr Lucinda Carr […]