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Asimovs, July 2003

John Kessel. Under the Lunchbox Tree. The third story in the Lunar Society of Cousins setting, which, we are told, Kessel hopes to see together in a book – whether as short-stories or a fix-up isn’t stated. The setting is a matriarchal moon, in which men are reduced to little more than sex objects. My […]

Analog, January/February 2008

Joe Haldeman. Marsbound. The first part of a three-part serialisation gets the double issue underway. J Timothy Bagwell. Tangible Light. A story that reads very much as being from a novice writer. It just needs more work in most of areas to get beyond a couple of interesting premises and settings. A young man has […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, May 2003

Steven Bratman. The Immortality Plague. In his editorial in the May issue of Asimovs, Robert Silverberg relates at length (and with relish) a reference book – ‘Science Fiction: the Gernsback Years’, published by Kent State University Press in 1998, and edited by Everett F. Bleiler and Richard J. Bleiler. This volume, all 700 pages, provides […]