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Interzone Number 192 November/December 2003

With this issue Interzone moves to a bi-monthly publication. Irritatingly for the anally bibliographical amongst us, the previous issue, 191, was dated September, so October 2003 has disappeared into the aether. Paul Di Filippo. A Monument to After-Thought Unveiled. Di Filippo takes poet Robert Frost down a road less-travelled : a road in which his […]

Interzone Number 187 March 2003

Nicholas Waller. Sandtrap. Lin Adenuka arrives on planet 48-274C, known locally as ‘Churned’. He is on Arbiter business, and the small team of scientists terraforming the planet have every reason to be worried, as he is investigating what he believes to be a murder, and not an accident, as their ‘accident’ report suggested. A beginning […]

Interzone Number 179 May 2002

Molly Brown. The Hamlet AI Murders. A rather missed opportunity. A subtle tale of a murdered brother returning from the grave via an uploaded AI could have been wrought, with clever pointers to Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ throughout. Instead Molly Brown simply goes for an updating, complete with character names, plot ‘twists’ and so forth from the […]