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Chris Butler. The Animator. (Interzone #245, Mar-Apr 2013)

Autumn City is pretty similar to cities in Europe in Victorian times, with the exception of the fact that people emit ‘spores’ that give an indication of their emotions. The story sets up quite nicely, but rather ends with a whimper, with the issuing of spores being a Chekhov’s Gun which you want to play a key role in the denouement, but which doesn’t happen.

Interzone Number 185 January 2003

Paul Di Filippo. Bare Market. A Charles Stross story from early 2000 (‘Bear Trap’) had a punning conclusion to a far-future information commodity trader yarn. Here di Filippo has a nearer future scenario, in which the world’s financial and information markets are managed by an intriguing and delectable babe. (No surprises there, PDF!) The babe […]

Asimovs, October/November 2007

Greg Egan. Dark Integers. A sequel to the well-received and Dozoised (13th) ‘Luminous’ from Asimovs, Sept 1995. According to my mini-summation of that volume : “Massive computing power is used to probe mathematical certainties. And if 2+2 does not equal 4, then what does that mean for the fabric of the universe? Maths was never […]