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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, October/November 2006

Albert E. Cowdrey. Revelation. The bucolic pair, Dr. Dorshin, psychiatrist, and Professor (Dr.) Drea(d) both have the pleasure of knowing, in a professional capacity, one U. Pierson Clyde, who believes that Earth is an egg, laid by the Mother Dragon, which will soon hatch, as a previous planet in our solar system did aeons ago […]

Fantasy and Science Fiction April 2001

Have Not Have. Geoff Ryman. Classy stuff. The societal impact of technology is something that Ryman has written on before (‘Everywhere’ from Interzone and Dozois 17th being set in the NE of England). This story takes us to a remote Chinese village, providing an exquisite look at traditional lives of people who by todays/tomorrows standards […]

Asimovs, August 2005

PDF version reviewed. Neal Asher. Softly Spoke the Gabbleduck. The planet Myrial is an intriguing setting, it’s indigenous Sheq (shit eating quadrapeds) living in groups of seven, a protected species. Rumour has it that the planet has also got a mysterious offworld Gabbleduck somewhere in the forests and canyons. The protagonist is hired by a […]