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Year’s Best SF 15. (eds Hartwell/Cramer, Eos Books, 2010).

As ever, a strong collection of stories, albeit fairly ‘safe’ in terms of a relatively narrow range of sources.

Interzone Number 177, March 2002

A 20th Anniversary issue, with Guest Editors Nick Gevers and Keith Brooke of the InfinityPlus website. Michael Swanwick. Five British Dinosaurs. Swanwick at his gently humorous best, with five alternate-takes on dinosaurs and Victorian England, including a quite civilized chap (as illustrated) who finds the base characterizations of his species quite beyond the pale. Top […]

Asimovs, July 2008

Gord Sellar. Lester Young and the Jupiter’s Moon’s Blues. With this title and an opening line ‘His first night back on Earth after his gig on the Frogships, Bird showed up at Minton’s cleaner than a broke-dick dog, with a brand new horn and a head full of crazy-people music’, Sellar quickly sets the tone […]

Asimovs, March 2008

Brian Stableford. Following the Pharmers. Stableford has published several stories looking at the consequences in developments in biotechnology, and here he explores how unintended consequences can have impact on a small, personal level. Ekeing out a mostly anonymous life amongt the flooded plains of East Anglia, one pharmaceutical experimenting finds his contentment shattered by the […]