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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2009

Charles Coleman Finlay. The Minutemen’s Witch. Adventure set against the American Revolution, with added witchcraft. Part of a series that includes three novels to be sold under the C C Finlay byline. Carol Emshwiller. The Perfect Infestation. Wry take on an alien attempt to take over the Earth through an unusual agent. Their agent proves […]

Asimovs, April/May 2008

Kathleen Ann Goonan. Memory Dog. The issue opens with a very clever and accomplished story with a strong ending. The protagonist is a dog – or, to be more accurate, a dog with the memory of a man overlaid on it. The man has chosen to live a shorter, canine life primarily as a penance […]

Analog, January/February 2008

Joe Haldeman. Marsbound. The first part of a three-part serialisation gets the double issue underway. J Timothy Bagwell. Tangible Light. A story that reads very much as being from a novice writer. It just needs more work in most of areas to get beyond a couple of interesting premises and settings. A young man has […]

Analog Science Fiction and Science Fact, November 2006

Barry B. Longyear. The Good Kill. The first, it would appear, of a series of Jaggers and Shad SF mysteries. It’s a sort of low-rent version of Michael Swanwick’s Darger and Surplus stories. Obviously humour is the most personal of tastes, and I’m not particularly fond of cod-Britishness, which Longyear employs heavily (and I mean […]