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The Fifth Annual of the Year’s Best SF. Judith Merril. Simon & Schuster 1960

Stories by : Damon Knight, Jack Finney, Avram Davidson, Cordwainer Smith, Ray Bradbury, Gordon R. Dickson, Jack Sharkey, Daniel Keyes, John W. Campbell Jr., Ralph Davidson, Clifford D. Simak, Fritz Leiber, Roger Price, Carol Emshwiller, Randall Garret, Darrel T. Langart, J.G. Ballard, Will Worthington, Theodore Sturgeon, Lawrence Block, Mark Clifton, Hilbert Schenk Jr. (Contents only).

Years Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy 4th Annual Volume. ed Judith Merril. Dell, 1959

Stories by Carol Emshwiller, J.F. BOne, Richard Gehman, Robert Sheckley, Rog Phillips, Gerald Kersh, Theodore L. Thomas, R. M. McKenna, Fritz Leiber, Avram Davidson, Brian W. Aldiss, E. C. Tubb, Arthur Zirul, Theodore Sturgeon, John Steinbeck, Avram Davidson

Year’s Best Science Fiction, 7th Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1990

Stories by : Alan Brennert, Alexander Jablokov, Avram Davidson, Brian Stableford, Bruce Sterling, Charles Sheffield, Connie Willis, Gregory Benford, Janet Kagan, John Crowley, Judith Moffett, Kathe Koja, Lucius Shepard, Megan Lindholm, Michael Swanwick, Mike Resnick, Nancy Kress, Neal Barrett Jr, Robert Sampson, Robert Silverberg, S.P. Somtow, Steven Popkes, William King.

The Year’s Best Science Fiction, Third Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1986

Stories by : Avram Davidson, Bruce Sterling, Frederik Pohl, George R. R. Martin, Howard Waldrop, James Patrick Kelly, James Tiptree Jr, Joe Haldeman, John Crowley, Karen Joy Fowler, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lewis Shiner, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick and William Gibson, Nancy Kress, Orson Scott Card, Pat Cadigan, R.A. Lafferty, Robert Silverberg, S.C. Sykes, Walter Jon Williams

Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction Sixth Series. Adam Boucher (ed) 1957

This little beauty beckoned at me from the shelves of a second-hand bookshop in Colchester recently. How could I resist a cover like that! And a book that showed no signs of having been read. Fantasy and Science Fiction published annual collections for almost 25 years, since when they have published collections every 3-5 years. […]

The Year’s Best Science Fiction, First Annual Collection. Gardner Dozois. 1984.

I am holding off on reading this volume, which I managed to get a copy of in 2002 on eBay. For the moment, here are the contents, and some story summaries for those stories read in other volumes.