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The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, December 2009

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction finishes 2009 with an issue of their now standard bi-monthly size, but dated for a single month to enable a clean start in 2010 with a Jan/Feb issue. Alex Irvine. Dragon’s Teeth. Irvine’s ‘Wizard Six’ in F&SF June 2007 was a strong and dark fantasy story. In a […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, January 2008

Sean McMullen. The Twilight Year. A historical tale with the merest whiff of the fantastical. England in the mid-sixth century is the setting, with the populace struggling under the few remaining vestiges of Roman rule, and under the blanket of volcanic cloud spewed from the eruption of Krakatoa. In such times perhaps a mighty hero […]

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, June 2007

Matthew Hughes. Sweet Trap. Further adventures of Hengis Hapthorne, in a story previously in the limited edition of the first novel in which he appeared. Those of you who enjoy the Hapthorne tales will doubtless be looking forward to a further novel, The Spiral Labyrinth, which is due out shortly. Charles Coleman Finlay. An Eye […]