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Year’s Best SF 15. (eds Hartwell/Cramer, Eos Books, 2010).

As ever, a strong collection of stories, albeit fairly ‘safe’ in terms of a relatively narrow range of sources.

Alastair Reynolds. At Budokan. (Shine).

Getting Alastair Reynolds’ name on a book cover is of course a Good Thing. However, I’m not so sure though that getting him to write a Near Future Optimistic story is a Good Thing, as his strengths are far future, galactic-spanning stories.

Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, May 2000.

Reflections. Robert Silverberg The latest technological developments in slowing the speed of laser light give Silverberg pause to reflect on Bob Shaw’s “The Light of Other Days”, the classic ‘slow glass’ story. Going After Bobo. Susan Palwick. Accurately, and often painfully observed story of a young boy, living with his mother and older brother, in […]