T.F. Davenport. Nature’s Children. (GUD Issue 5, Winter 2009)

After a fantasy story and some verse, Gud #5 provides some solid SF, in the shape of a story that looks from the perspectives of the indigenous race and the visting humans who are intent on terraforming their world for human settlers already en route.

The indigenous race are telepathic, and are able to control the local flora and fauna, and keep strict control of anything that they would see as a potential threat to their dominance. The humans, as ever, are keen to tame the planet, and to ignore any possibility that the planet might harbour intelligence life. The story progresses by switching perspectives between protagonists on each side, with detail of the alien and the human societies, cultures and constraints, and whilst not being without its faults (the story tries to cover too much in a short space), shows promise.

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