Steven Popkes. Jackie’s-Boy. (Asimovs April/May 2010)

The double-issue closes with humanity’s dominion over the planet removed, with only a handful of people surviving natural disaster, bio-terrorism, and plague. Michael is one of those survivors, orphaned, and now without even his uncle’s helping hand. Risking death to sneak into the heavily fortified local zoo, he befriends the sole remaining elephant, and we follow them on an epic journey to the south, in search of other elephants. It works well, avoiding the trap of falling into Disneyesque mawkishness, (an ‘Incredible Journey’ for the new millenium), with strong imagery around humanity’s concrete and metal structures falling to the power of earthquake, flood and vegetation, and with the flora and fauna taking over, with the future for humanity looking bleak.

One thought on “Steven Popkes. Jackie’s-Boy. (Asimovs April/May 2010)

  1. Am (very-more than 60 years) long-time SciFi reader. Just read Jackie’s Boy in Hartwell-Cramer 16. Please try to interest some movie company in that story. It was absolutely made for the big screen. Best story in the issue.

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