Seanan McGuire. Fruiting Bodies. (The End is Now)

theendisnow‘Spores’ in the first volume of this triptych of anthologies had as its main protagonist an OCD-suffering scientist whose wife is the first victim of a mould that quickly, and gruesomely, covers her in a grey mould and kills her.

The story ended with her fleeing the city with their daughter, as the spores start spreading….

And this story ends with the pair of them travelling, struggling to protect themselves at every point from getting infected. The vast majority of the population have succumbed, but her OCD gives her a chance to survive, as obsessive cleanliness is second nature to her.

But the daughter is a teenage daughter, and you know what they’re like. The story moves to a chilling climax, with the reader keen to find out what happens next.

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