Sean Williams. Inevitable. (The New Space Opera 2).

Far future conflict, from two perspectives. Master Bannerman of the Guild of Grand Masters has captured Braith Kindred of the Terminus. He has just successfully destroyed the only known gateway to the mysterious Structure. Or has he?

The pair head off to the other side of the galaxy, he confident that he can take her to another gateway to the Structure and survive. When she finds out the true nature of the Structure, and his belief in his own immortality, until such time as the temporal loop he has set up is closed, she is dismissive. But as the return, hopping between gateways on a number of planets, she begins to understand the nature of the Structure. However, he has missed one clue to the closing of his temporal loop, and it is a fatal mistake, which leaves her to take actions in an unexpected way.

It’s an intriguing setting and setup, from an author I’m not that familiar with.

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