Scott Sigler. The Sixth Day of Deer Camp. (The End is Now)

theendisnowI enjoyed the first part of this story, ‘The Fifth Day of Deer Camp’ in ‘The End is Nigh’, noting ‘some particularly nice characterisation by Sigler, with me keen to find out more…’.

Sigler’s apocalyptic premise was the only one in the excellent volume of stories that was predicated on alien invasion, setting up a taut confrontation set in wintry woods, with a group of friends having their hunting trip somewhat spoilt by an alien ship crashlanding nearby, whilst stories of the Earth under attack reaching even their remote location.

The taut drama and the excellent characterisation continues, with us following the group through the perspective of George, who has some very human self-preservation thoughts running through his head, which he has to resolve. And there’s a humdinger of a moral conundrum at the end of the story….

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