Sam J. Miller. Things with Beards. (Clarkesworld Magazine #117, July 2016)

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Seriously, is it really six freaking years since Peter Watts’ ‘The Things’ (Best SF Review) graced Clarkesworld Magazine with a differing perspective on John Carpenter’s seminal 80s antartic horror movie?? Six years??? And 34 years since that movie???

Sam J. Miller, who is building up a string of strong stories, many with a non-cis bent, also looks into the dark recesses that film opened up. Miller’s protagonist is no other than MacReady, the Kurt Russell character, who finds himself back at home, having been unfrozen, and alive, and with what happened back at basecamp more than a bit of a blur.

The story is of course set in the early 80s, and MacReady’s sexuality (and several of the other bearded guys who were a long way from home), and the early days of AIDS, and urban politics, is a complement to the situation he is now in – something deep inside that has to be kept hidden, but which can appear…

Another strong story from Miller.

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