Ryan Row. Reclamation. (Clarkesworld Magazine #119 August 2016)

A story from a young author, new to me. It’s online here.

Knocked off an asteroid by space debris, our protagonist has been heading out into deep space for many days, her suit recycling and keeping her alive, but not for much longer. Think about those scenes of Sandra Bullock tumbling in space in ‘Gravity’ the claustrophobic close-up of her helmeted face, and there you have this story, constrained to the inside of her suit, the inside of her mind, as she weakens and the potential for recovery grows similarly weak.

Row handles the inner monologue well, almost overdoing the similes, as figures from her past come to visit. It’s a good story, although you might spot it as a piece of work from a recent creative writing graduate (in the nicest possible way). So let’s see how Row handles plot and dialogue and all that other stuff!

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