Rus Wornom. In the Mountains of Frozen Fire…. (Fantasy & Science Fiction July/August 2013)

fsf130708The full title lets you know what you’re in for : ‘In the Mountains of Frozen Fire by Denis Winslow Mallard Codswallop Bourginon Cushing as recounted by the Official Enigma Club Raconteur, Rus Wornom (Originaly published in The Enigma Club All-Adventure Magazine, June, 1919)’.

Yup, it’s what I shall call a ‘homage du fromage’, namely a cheesy tribute to the pulp stories that entertained people a century ago. There’s an oriental enemy called Slung Lo – (I spose we should be grateful for small mercies in that Wornom could have gone the whole hog and called him Won Hung Lo, with a female Vietnamese sidekick called Phat Ho). But if you like your homage du fromage served with a trowel, this is the story for you, and I hereby award Mr Wornom The First All-Best SF Annual Homage du Fromage Golden Trowel, for laying it on so very, very thick.

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