Rosanne Rabinowitz. Harmony in my Head. (Conflicts).

A story with a very definite sense of time and place. The time is the day after London’s bid for hosting the 2010 Olympics was chosen as the successful one, and the place is Russell Square, in the Bloomsbury area of London. And as some readers will spot straight away, that is a fateful combination of time and place. Rabinowitz doesn’t labour the link, and the story follows a young female mathematician, currenlty doing post-grad study on infinity, as she struggles with tinnitus, and a relationship that may be stalling. But there’s more to it, and the story arcs towards a resolution that appears to going to be a happy one, but when the sirens start going off, the underground passengers are evacuated, and the boyfriend phones to say he’s going to hop on the number 30 bus, the alarm bells go off for the reader. Or at least. many readers, for whom the closing scene comes as no surprise. For others, less familiar with the time and date, the closing scene will be a shock.

After a couple of wearker stories, nice to see one that is up to the usual standard of NewCon’s anthologies,

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