Robin Wasserman. In the Valley of the Shadow of the Promised Land. (The End Has Come, 2015)

theendhascomeWasserman concludes one of the stronger stories in Adams’ ‘Apocalypse Triptych’.

I praised ‘The Balm and The Wound‘ and liked the idea of the apocalypse actually happening being more than an annoyance for a fraudulent cultist who has made a living fleecing folk in the face of an apocalypse he makes up. The second story ‘Dear John‘ used a different structure to take the story forward, and here Wasserman has the young son in the first story reflecting, in his dotage, on his own role as the writer of the new scripture.

I did mention in reviewing the first story that I hoped that the lead protagonist would survive the imminent apocalpyse, even though the odds were stacked against him. Wasserman does have him appear in this story, after a fashion, in another clever bit of story construction. And the final section sees life, and faith, carry on to the next generation.

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